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Stakeholder Engagement

The successful completion of a project usually depends on how stakeholders view and engage with it. By engaging with stakeholders, organisations can better identify and understand what matters most.

We’ll help you identify exactly who you need to be talking to and advise on how to engage effectively with them.

Making you understand the range of relationships that are important, leveraging top to lower management influences.

KURO has years of experience in helping clients to engage successfully with stakeholders, whether that’s government, regulators, communities, shareholders, customers, employees, NGOs, lobbying groups, supply chains, governing bodies, trade bodies or media.

Our stakeholder engagement covers all stages of a project, from conception through to post-delivery.


Features & Benefits


  • Communication strategies

  • Stakeholder relations - Government, Regulator, Community etc

  • Customer account management

  • Relationship-building strategies

  • Issues management

  • Media engagement

  • Strategic communications

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • Build resilience and flexibility in planning, decision making and delivery

  • Build consensus to reach common goals and objectives

  • Provide stakeholders with appropriate information to uncover opportunities and concerns

  • Mitigating risk

  • Enable participants to influence the outcome and promote cooperation

  • Build stakeholder’s commitment and a feeling of ownership

  • Continuous improvement

Our Valued Partners

Collaborative Efforts That Deliver Business Growth


Scottish Africa Business Association (SABA)

Not for profit, independent, trade and export focussed organisation

KURO works with SABA supporting stakeholder engagement from a commercial, local content and regulatory perspective.

SABA’s objective is to help deliver tangible commercial outputs which are beneficial to African countries and Scottish companies and institutions by making it easier for both sides to execute opportunities.

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