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Free Consultation: Guiding your organisation through distress to recovery

We understand the challenges you are facing. Businesses large and small are moving from the resilience to distress stage in this crisis and it’s therefore more crucial than ever to make choices that protect the business, its employees and customers in the short and long term.

So, we are offering a free virtual consultation with our Managing Director – James Crawford to help your business navigate the risks that you are facing and to enable you to plan for recovery.

We believe that we will be able to overcome this obstacle together. While fear and uncertainty are understandable and the overriding sentiments at present, we want to help you mitigate as much as possible in a way that guides you into the future by managing the risks and uncertainties along the way.

Using James’ experience, knowledge and methodology which is not only transferable but proven across different sectors worldwide, we will provide you with a practical approach and advice through each stage of preparing for, enduring and recovering from this crisis helping you better understand what's going on, and providing new tools for dealing with the situation.

James, an experienced senior executive with a blue chip background, including senior roles at Oil & Gas giants Wood and Marathon, has provided strategic support to businesses in a number of key sectors including Oil & Gas, Government, Public Sector, Tech  and Finance, to emerging disruptors across various sectors including Health.

As a Global Scot, James, has also advised Scottish Enterprise and companies supported by them on a range of topics to help improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

James previously had a 20-year career with Wood where he served in several senior leadership roles including President of the Asset Solutions business unit for the Europe business and Managing Director for Wood Group PSN’s UK and Africa business. 

With more than 30 years’ industry experience, he has spent the past 18 years in a variety of senior leadership, operations management and contracts management roles within the Africa region as well as in Europe, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brunei and the Philippines.

In addition, James is also a board member for The Scottish Africa Business Association (SABA) and is a founding partner of Leadership Development Specialists - Actif4.

The aim of this is to allow companies to get access to a sounding board and the right type of strategic support, one which has managed through some of the most challenging events previously faced by businesses whether this be economic, health or environmentally related, including, the Oil & Gas downturn, Ebola, Swine and Bird Flu.

Businesses are in a state of flux, unsure of the best course of action with no precedent to refer to. It is therefore crucial to get the right type of advice based on insight and experience which offers the best chance for recovery.

This is about positioning you to not only weather the storm but to also be ready once we start to see improvements in the situation. We can help with Consultancy, Business Development, Marketing & PR considerations longer term as we come through this crisis, enabling pragmatic planning for your business continuity.

We want to do our bit to support businesses through this turbulent time so for more information, please contact:

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