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African Energy Week - Increasing trade, investment and knowledge sharing between Scotland and Africa

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In a move to increase trade, investment and knowledge sharing between Scotland and Africa, the Scottish Africa Business Association (SABA) and KURO have confirmed their presence at African Energy Week (AEW) 2021, taking place in Cape Town on the 9th-12th of November 2021.

Prioritising Africa-Scotland partnerships, both SABA and KURO's participation will drive investment into African markets.

SABA, together with KURO, will be leading a delegation of Scottish companies to AEW 2021 in a bid to offer their services, foster partnerships, and interact with African National Oil Companies. Participation by an esteemed partnership-oriented organisation such as SABA, and global consultancy company such as KURO, is particularly valuable for the African Energy Chamber (AEC), as deal-making, networking, and establishing Africa-international ties remain top of the agenda.

Africa not only represents one of the final frontiers for exploration, leading to a wide range of opportunities continent-wide, but, backed by significant electricity accessibility challenges, offers prime prospects within the power sector. SABA works to identify opportunities in African markets and then assists in the process of executing deals. As a membership organisation that seeks to ensure ease of doing business for its members through established networks, SABA prioritises partnerships and cooperation in increasing trade and investment between Scotland and Africa. By directing investment in these sectors, Scottish companies can benefit from commercial ventures whilst spurring socioeconomic growth across Africa.

The African Energy Week in Cape Town will be the largest energy sector event in Africa this year and Scottish companies very much want to be there, to offer their services, foster partnerships and interact with African NOCs, IOCs and key ministers who will be attending,” said Frazer Lang, CEO of SABA. “Scottish companies have a long history of success in Africa’s energy sector, historically in the provision of offshore services to the oil and gas sector. Companies in Aberdeen and Dundee are key to the service sector in Africa but increasing in innovation where Energy Transition is of paramount importance along with value that can be added by Scottish expertise in Skills development. A key area of interest is the challenge in some geographies across the continent that aging assets bring, and the need to safely decommission these assets making sure there is no environmental damage. We want to continue doing that, and also contribute to the development of newer forms of energy where Scotland is taking an industry leading role in the development of renewable energy”, Mr Lang continued.

“With an abundance of opportunities across the entire energy value chain, Africa offers lucrative trade and investment prospects for international stakeholders. Participation by organizations such as SABA and KURO will not only further AEW 2021’s agenda of attracting global capital into African markets, but will allow African and Scottish companies to capitalize on long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Scottish companies can help fast-track Africa’s growth, making energy poverty history by 2030 a reality,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman, the AEC.

SABA’s primary objective is to help deliver tangible commercial outputs, beneficial to both African countries and Scottish companies, by coordinating specific opportunities within emerging African markets. By facilitating a targeted approach in which African opportunities – particularly in the power, oil and gas and renewables sectors – are presented to Scottish stakeholders, SABA seeks to establish ‘win-win’ business ventures for both Africa and Scotland. Accordingly, by participating at AEW 2021, SABA will be presented with both an in-depth and interactive view of a myriad of opportunities across the entire African energy sector value chain. AEW 2021 unites African and global stakeholders, driven by a commercial focus that seeks to accelerate African energy sector growth through investment partnerships with the international community.

With networking and partnerships comprising a key focus as AEW 2021, this event represents the most ideal networking platform for SABA, in which established international ties can enable accelerated business development, fast-tracking African energy sector growth through increased trade and investment by Scottish companies. Representing the only pan-African energy conference to take place in Africa in 2021, AEW 2021 is the platform where deals are made, partnerships established, and economic-sectoral growth realised.

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