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Operational Excellence

Within a business environment change is a constant. Continually realigning your strategy, culture, and leadership to respond to and shape market delivery is critical for any business to not only survive but thrive.

The change catalyst driving your organisation to ensure it is continually evolving and transforming your business – creating new opportunities and  understanding existing challenges while managing the inherent risks of change.

Our services offer ways to create the sustainable change needed to enhance efficiency and productivity in your organisation.

Team Discussion



A detailed review of your organisation to make sure it is “fit for purpose” and that the right people are in the right roles. This review will include a deep dive into the key competencies for roles in the organisation and a determination into the suitability of the structure



We take a look at how you plan your business both short term and long term, we work with you to make sure your plans are effective and efficient



How do you execute your work activity? We can help ensure you are doing things in the most efficient manner, optimising your resources to maximise your profitability



A detailed review of how your company engages with the supply chain ensuring your processes and procedures are delivering the best results in the most cost-effective manner  

How we help our clients

At KURO we have experience at looking at how companies are operating and then working with them to drive operational excellence.  To do this we look at the key elements of the business which include but are not limited to the following areas:



A detailed look at how your business is performing when compared to peers, through this we will identify areas where improvements can be made and help develop strategies to ensure these improvements are implemented 



KURO has great experience in optimising staff development within organisations, coupled with the Competency Assurance offering we can make sure you are spending your development money in the right areas and not training for the sake of training



When an organisation enters a period of change it can create disruption within the organisation. We can help you develop a change management plan that covers the key risks associated with change


  • Organisation design

  • Optimisation of structures

  • Planning

  • Change management

  • Communications

  • Creating efficiencies

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Performance Measurement

  • Operational assessment and roadmap


  • Supports with changing needs of products or markets

  • Better prepared and able to respond to challenges

  • Maximize job effectiveness - right people, in the right roles at the right time

  • Increased ROI by streamlining processes

  • Improve performance and maintain competitive advantage

  • Expediting change to maximise benefits and reduce uncertainty

  • Unifying purpose, strategy and culture

  • Aligning delivery with business objectives

  • Improving the effectiveness of decision making

Creating Sustainable Improvement Within An Organisation.

Track Record 

Client 7


Restructured a 14,500 person business to bring operational efficiencies and overhead cost reductions.

Restructure reduced the overhead by 40%.

Client 3


Consolidated 5 business units into one saving in excess of £600m over a 10 month period.

Client 2

Continuous Improvement

Drove a campaign of continuous improvement that led to identical scope shutdowns seeing the duration reduce from 51 days to 27 days.

Features & Benefits

How can Operational Excellence help your business?

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