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Leadership Coaching

People are an organisations most valuable asset. Central to every successful organisation is effective leadership and team development.

KURO are experts at working with teams and individuals to reach their maximum capability.

Our offering is based on 1-2-1 mentoring, developing effectiveness and team development working with leadership teams and CEO's to support individuals

and organisational growth.



  • Providing coaching on leadership style and techniques, focusing on effectiveness

  • Building flexibility - allowing people to understand that different styles work for different people

  • Developing team dynamics

  • Understanding diversity and how to maximise the advantages it brings


  • Improve team cohesion

  • Create a culture of excellence

  • Provides a new perspective and focus

  • People focused - a motivated, satisfied workforce

  • High performance - greater productivity, lower risks and bigger profits

  • Provide a team culture that drives continuous improvement

  • Allows for teams to be comfortable with constructive improvement ideas

Features & Benefits



Leadership Development Specialists

KURO can also support with Leadership Development which is carried out through our partner Actif4.

The Actif4 Leadership Programme has been developed and delivered by highly experienced leaders, consultants and coaches. It is an intense development experience around the transition into highly effective leadership.

Our Valued Partners

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