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Export & International Trade

Supporting companies in fulfilling their global ambition

At KURO, we work with ambitious businesses to help them scale and expand their reach into new markets or sectors.

International markets can offer huge opportunities for businesses. If you’re new to exporting, we can help you find the right markets and get started. If you already trade internationally, we can help you expand your international reach and discover new opportunities for growth.

Exporting can be both an exciting and a daunting prospect. We can help you manage both the opportunities and risks.

Our export and international trade services recognise that businesses are at different stages of development, have different levels of experience and needs, and therefore require different forms of support and assistance to help them progress on their export journey.

​To support in assessing export capability, we have developed services to help companies determine their capability to develop and implement an export led business plan.

Whatever support you need we can help you every step of the way.




The alignment of a company’s organisational structure, leadership, management capability and skills to its growth objectives



We recognise that selling internationally is different and we help you navigate these challenges. We use our expertise to create ideas and solutions which support our clients and deliver the marketing they need


Making sure all considerations have been taken into account including foreign exchange, repatriation of funds and cashflow


Ensuring ongoing sustainability and that customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organisation

Features & Benefits


  • Business Strategy

  • Operating Strategy

  • Growth strategy & planning

  • Export Strategy

  • Due Diligence

  • Risk management

  • Cultural awareness

  • Market entry strategy

  • Workshops

  • Mentoring


  • Reduce the gap between the forecasts of profit contribution and overall objectives

  • Reach new customers or markets

  • Reduce external risks from competition or market changes

  • Developing appropriate business models to achieve objectives

  • Embed new approaches to innovation

  • Shareholder confidence

  • Creating, developing and nurturing the relations with new potential and existing clients

  • Structured approach to drive growth and profitability

  • Establishing a network that generates opportunities

  • Optimise your sales strategy, process and practise in response to market changes

  • Review sales methodology including negotiation, cultural awareness and pipeline approach

  • Access and diversify into new and existing markets

Your integrated export department

Services to help your business to expand internationally.


Establishment of sales and distribution channels helping to strengthen your capacity for local engagement and delivery


Access to experience, knowledge and networks that help you share challenges, bounce ideas and get advice

Track Record

See how we’ve supported businesses and organisations to open a world of opportunities.


Working with the client to develop a brand concept and marketing strategy making sure that delivery was relevant to the identified markets. As part of this process we created an implementation plan to support their sales strategy to increase engagement and pipeline opportunities.  


Delivered market entry strategy including the delivery of stakeholder engagement and marketing. Established local agent processes and appointed in country representatives to support sales and account management with clients, sustaining critical and continuous communication with them.


Providing support services in connection with business growth across the African continent ranging from stakeholder engagement, business development and marketing to the establishment of sales and distribution channels helping to strengthen the capacity for local engagement and delivery.


Developed approach to market entry providing Business Intelligence and Market Reports, enabling an overview of the market, its opportunities & risks, helping to design a suitable strategy to promote and market products and services effectively .

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