COVID Solutions

Building capacity, mobilising delivery and reducing mortality rates through early detection.

Together with its partners, KURO has long-standing relationships across the continent of Africa.

Cambridge Genetics is a company with innovative, cost effective solutions to the current worldwide shortfall in COVID testing capacity, equipment and consumables that are essential to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

KURO are supporting Cambridge Genetics in facilitating the deployment of COVID solutions in the Africa region.

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PCR Tests

Fast and accurate realtime diagnosis with the unprecedented ability to scale and deliver test kits to Labs within 5-7 business days of an order


Rapid and affordable early field detection of viral diseases at early stage of the infection through innovative, research driven biotechnology


Our lab solutions provide cutting edge turnkey technology to quickly establish and run highly automated testing laboratories for coronavirus within an instant timeframe


We provide a full product line of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to help front line healthcare workers reduce the risk of exposer to themselves and their patients


We are motivated to minimise the damaging effects of Coronavirus on the health of Africans and their future economic prosperity. Together with Cambridge Genetics we are looking to bring rapid and effective COVID health solutions to the African continent.

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Enabling responsiveness to COVID through a range of solutions to support and protect people.


Robust solutions that provide the tools healthcare workers need to combat COVID-19


Giving assurance to the international community to open up economies from airports, offices, leisure and hospitality


Enabling  countries to manage COVID-19 more effectively, reducing mortality rates through early detection, creating a healthier future for all