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Competency Solutions

Supporting workforce competence and assurance within high risk industries

KURO's Competency Solutions offer support for building a program from scratch, evaluating your existing program against industry recognised standards or consolidating multiple programs into a framework.

This covers the full range of competency and compliance needs; from policy documents, competency knowledge tables, gap analysis, improvement plans and audits to high-level competency strategy development, as well as the development & implementation of competency frameworks and content.

Our approach enhances existing Competency Management Systems (CMS) and can also be complemented by a cloud-based competence management software which has been developed to address the specific needs of various industries.

Through our Managed Services, we can support clients with the administrative burden associated with the coordination of competence activities whilst delivering cost efficiencies across the organisational and operational structure.

Regulators are increasingly putting more pressure on organisations to prove that their people are competent and not just trained. Legislation in many jurisdictions is demanding that people at all levels are competent and therefore demonstrating this competency is an important and real issue.​

By working with KURO you can develop and maintain standards required for a fully competent workforce.



Our competence consultancy services are enhanced by our in-depth understanding of industry requirements and knowledge of current best practice. This includes:

  • Policy documentation

  • Competency knowledge tables

  • Gap analysis

  • Improvement plans

  • Audits & Reviews

  • Competency strategies

  • Competency content (profiles, assessment criteria etc)

  • Implementation of robust competence systems

  • Development and implementation of knowledge frameworks

  • Developing a full CMS system


Our cloud based solution empowers organisations to confidently store and manage the records of ongoing competence of their workforce. It has a built in Learning Management System (LMS), so you can cut costs by creating online training material for your organisation, with little effort.

An online repository facilitates the storage and management of qualification records, health certificates and any work-related records and assets. ​Our mobile app lets your workforce capture pictures and videos to evidence and demonstrate competence in the workplace.


Our outsourced Managed Services are tailored to our clients' requirements and allow them to focus on their core activities. Utilising KURO’s breadth of experience, disciplined processes, and a network of experts we can support delivery including:

  • Establishing administration protocols

  • Learning and Development

  • Performance and Talent Management

  • Workforce Planning

Features & Benefits

The imperative is not only to assure the competence of employees but also prove it.


  • Assistance in developing fit for purpose documentation and standards

  • Audit and review of entire competency management system

  • Documented assessments, visit reports and recommendations for improvement

  • Robust quality assurance criteria

  • Development of KPI’s

  • Benchmarking & Measurement

  • Developing a CMS

  • Guidance on development of supply chain

  • Support across technical and operational disciplines

  • Performance Gap Analysis


  • Provides a cost effective framework that recognises proven skills

  • Ensuring compliance with safe working practises

  • Risk is minimised and industry standards are met and often exceeded

  • Verification and auditing ensures standards are upheld

  • Framework documents reduces complexity

  • Coordination of knowledge ensures consistency of standards

  • Assured about the competency of processes and personnel

  • Transparency

  • Reduced costs

  • Legislative compliance

  • Community acceptance and buy-in

Track Record

KURO has a strong track record of delivering competence solutions worldwide. Our approach is strengthened by our years of experience working across various sectors.


Worked with a US based company to develop it's competency-management process. By aligning its competency models with recognised standards, they were able to fulfil and demonstrate the standards expected by International Oil Companies for suppliers.


Executed a full CMS from strategy to implementation

covering employees working on some of the largest producing and manufacturing assets in the region.


Rollout of standardised CMS across 16 African countries with a recognition that each CMS in turn had to be adapted to each individual asset. This helped to increase and support the ever growing personnel.


Aligning competency assurance for National Oil Company including assessment and development of processes across the LMS, TMS and CMS to support workforce development.

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